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AVAILABLE: Dietz Edzard’s “La Famille dans la Loge”

May 11, 2017

Dietz Edzard “La Famille dans la Loge”

Source: La Famille dans la Loge – this is one of the largest and most important  paintings by Dietz Edzard to have appeared on the market; it comes from a private collection and is in perfect condition. Dr. Gerd Muehsam states, in her monograph on the artist, that: … La loge (1946) when compared with earlier renditions of the same subject clearly illustrates this phase of Edzard’s development [moving towards more vivid contrasts of cream-colored and yellow highlights emerging out of the grays, blacks and more subdued colors of the shadow areas]. It is also completely unified in concept, composition and execution, with its semidarkness that softens the contours and renders them less distinct, and its play of reflecting lights off the faces of the spectators.

We will be exhibiting this work at the upcoming Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show that opens to the public next Friday (May 19th) at the Merchandise Mart.  If you would like complimentary tickets, feel free use this LINK.



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