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  • Jackson Pollock sale postponed

    June 21, 2017


    Jackson Pollock?

    News of this find traveled the globe pretty quickly and after seeing images of the work (which were not very impressive) I was surprised by the estimated value of more than $5 million … but what do I know about the Pollock market?  Not much. Well, according to the auction room’s press release, the sale was postponed because they did not have enough time to ‘vet’ all the potential bidders … what?  Not enough time to vet bidders? You are kidding me, right?  Sounds like something else is going on.


    It will be interesting to see if it ever comes up for sale at auction.  They also claim to be fielding private sealed bids.  As they release more information we will keep you posted.

    Source: Jackson Pollock sale postponed – Phoenix Business Journal

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